Drive Traffic to Your Website and Convert Them into Paying Customers

Drive Traffic to Your Website and Convert Them into Paying Customers

July 8, 2021

Attract New Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Therefore, attaining new premium clients should be your main priority as a business owner, as it directly leads to business growth. 

With that said, your ability to keep your leads interested and guide them towards transactions should be your primary drive to achieve significant progress in increasing traffic to your website, blog, squeeze page to your latest product, or wherever.

Often, eCommerce businesses utilize the easiest and cheapest way to drive traffic to their website when they should be finding the best ways. Let’s say, for example, you are a budding entrepreneur or starting your own business venture, and you’ve gone into launching your first business website off the ground.

Setting up that all-important website is crucial because it’s your digital storefront. Once your website has gone online, you are now up for “making sales” - but is this enough?

e-Commerce vs. Brick and Mortar 

How to Get More Website Traffic

Many years ago, technology was not advanced enough to make payments online, and transactions needed to be made in person. With the influx of eCommerce stores, there is no need for that brick-and-mortar business that costs a lot of money upfront and requires hefty rent each month.

Keeping current: at present, eCommerce businesses mushroomed exponentially and considered the present trend dominating the new normal retail. Today, you don’t need to patronize your shop on the street. Thanks to electronic commerce, all you need is virtual visitors (these are the people who are interested in what you are offering or selling) to grow your business!

Lead generation involves attraction, nurturing, and persuading customers to buy your product or service.  But what are you going to do to draw them in? Simple - increase your website traffic and get noticed in a sea of abysmally overwhelming digital overload. Given that people tend to search and compare products online, here are some insights on  how to maximize your business potential and stay competitive:

- Emerging business trend: the strong reliance of potential customers (those ready to buy your product) on internet use has changed how businesses operate. The latest survey shows that eCommerce sales have a notable increase of about 5% during the pandemic.

- Purchase starts in online research: the buying of goods begins with shoppers browsing and comparing prices of your products virtually, followed by an in-store visit.

- Spot buying signals: keep an eye on the sure signs that clients are already persuaded and now ready to subscribe or buy your products.

Pro tip: When the shopper has switched from interest to desire and readiness, he has reached the mental-emotional state of owning the product and is now ready to make a purchase.

- Understand where your website traffic is coming from: this gives you an idea about the type of visitors interested in what you are offering and why they interact with your website. 

The business magic formula: millions of people embraced the internet, which is now embedded in every aspect of their day-to-day lives. In this case, the number of website traffic equals the number of opportunities you have to generate leads, nurture them, help solve their needs and ultimately convert them into paying customers!

Now, did you get the BIG picture? The larger your website traffic, the better! It will impact your business in the long run and in so many ways - this is not only limited to money or profit alone. Large website traffic transforms your business and opens new doors of opportunities to:

  • grow your business
  • hire more employees
  • expand your product lines and open new branches
  • skyrocket your ROI and profits
  • invest in product research and develop more amazing products

You have everything you need to succeed: SEO is truly untapped of gold mine potential, but you need to get noticed first. For sure, it’s nice to be noticed, and all, but standing out in the crowd and rising above the noise is NOT enough -it’s the conversion that matters!

The changes in customers’ buying habits after the pandemic caused the big eCommerce strategy to shift from the traditional in-store purchase to something people became dependent on. Another big piece of drawing a website traffic equation is your ability to captivate your visitors and convert them into regular customers.

Take advantage of your untapped revenue potential: track your traffic to understand who is coming to your online store to purchase your products. This gives you an idea about your conversion pixels and determines how to scale your efforts.

If you are overwhelmed by infinite options available to you on increasing your website traffic - you are not alone! Simply put - how should you boost your website traffic in an ever-crowding digital space? Although there is so much noise from your competitors, hang in there! 

How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

Here are some proven strategies to guarantee that your website is getting the traffic it deserves:

* Create and optimize your Google my business listing (GMB) - when people find your business easily in Google searches, you establish yourself as a trustworthy and reliable service and product provider. 

A robust GMB listing includes vital information about your business, including contact information, location, hours of operation, and so much more.

NOTE: the higher your credibility, the greater chances you have for people to click on your listings and then be redirected to your website.

* Leverage your on-page SEO strategy - if you want to boost your SEO ranking and become visible in the search engines, implementing the SEO best practices is the best place to start.

Here is a summary of the on-page SEO tactics to improve your website SEO:

* Publish high-quality and valuable content - keeping your content fresh regularly will make Google happy, and in return, you will rank higher. 

Create content that attracts potential: generate dynamic content that is informative, entertaining, and engaging. 

Keep in mind: you are writing content for your visitors. How can you attract eyeballs to your content when it is boring or uninteresting? In order to create content that converts, it is critical to show some personality!

* Use good snippets and descriptions for searches - meta descriptions are a great way to enhance your on-page SEO by simply adding a short paragraph of texts or descriptions to the HTML that makes visitors want to click on your website. 

Meta description magic: snippets and descriptions will let the users know what your website is about before they click on it. The relevant keywords or phrases you added in the meta description will be bolded in the search results whenever they appear, therefore, maximizing your search click-through rate.

* Include title tags - this is the easiest way to let Google know what your website is about - your topic and the relevancy of your page.

Simple formula: it is highly recommended to follow this structure when adding title tags: Main Keyword - Secondary Keywords| Business or Brand Name.

* List your business in local directories - online directories help people find relevant product and service providers near them.  This increases your chances of being found in searches while generating more backlinks to your website. 

* Write high-quality guest post opportunities - take advantage of this very famous link-building strategy by finding, pitching, and writing valuable content and learning how guest blogging submissions can promote your website as well.

Pitch to be their guest blogger: there are plenty of brands out there that are not competitors and need writers. These are businesses with the same target leads as you, so why not cross-promote to each other’s audiences? 

* Share your content on social media - if you haven’t started doing this, you should be! Sharing content in the media will help build and foster relationships with your target buyers. Social sites also allow you to reach out to a broader and more enthusiastic audience.

* Generate and close more leads through email marketing - nurture your leads along the path, keep them warm, and turn them from curious visitors to engaged customers. 

How to Get Customers Online

Move your leads efficiently through the sales funnel: manage different types of leads in the buying cycle by building out marketing tracks and engaging with them in the relevant topics at scale.

Hot tip: whatever campaigns or strategies you are using to heighten your traffic to your site, make sure to add a powerful CTA (when you can) in your content to create a sense of urgency for your subscribers to take action and encourage them to take a step further to visit your website.

Website Conversions

How to take advantage of your potential: With the latest advancement in digital marketing applications, social media platforms, SEO, and software automation, any business can leverage its lead generation efforts in captivating profitable leads.

Remember that increasing traffic to your website doesn’t happen overnight - don’t expect it to. It needs a consistent effort to take your leads attraction campaigns to the next level. 

Take note: you are no longer limited to the traditional way of client acquisition - so maximize every opportunity you have for conversion. Digital channels and tools promise a better chance at conversion, but capitalizing on them still depends on you!

Let’s sum it up

Driving traffic is a tedious process, and it takes time and effort. But we can assure you that with patience and consistency, you will reap eternal benefits. Getting more eyeballs to your website will open doors for your business, allowing it to reach new heights and make sales on autopilot even if you are brand new.

Let’s face it, customer acquisition is a challenge for every business, but the recent technological innovations in marketing have made this feat even more attainable. So, are you ready to capture those leads? Let’s go!

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