Great Resources And Tools For Ecommerce Merchants

Great Resources And Tools For Ecommerce Merchants

Newton Zheng

January 11, 2022

The eCommerce sales are expected to reach a whopping $548 billion in 2022 – that's more than 5x what it was just six years ago! This is already making up a good chunk of retail spending. So if you desire to get a share of that million to your online business, then read on. 

Whether we like it or not, there is a lot of competition for eCommerce businesses nowadays, so to compete and avoid being lost in the sea with so many other retailers out there, you need tools that will help your business shine above others. 

Why do I need eCommerce tools?

Ecommerce tools are a must for any business looking to take their online presence from "good" to great. They automate and streamline the processes related to eCommerce like email marketing, web design, or even inventory. E-Commerce Tools help you manage your store more efficiently by automating many tasks so that it's easy!

What are the best Ecommerce tools to use for your business?

There are a LOT of tools out there that you can utilize for your online business depending on your need, but one of the essential tools in eCommerce is a good website. It's where people come to shop from and make their purchase decision, so it needs to be user-friendly with clear information about what they'll find there as well! 

There are tons of different software programs available for designers who want more control over how things look on screen (or paper) like Photoshop - they offer incredible features like channels that allow color manipulation. Make sure to learn more about this tool to help your website look inviting. Great visuals would make a big difference in eCommerce!

I bet you heard about Shopify, right? This eCommerce tool is one of the best eCommerce tools out there. The reason behind its popularity is that it has a fully hosted package that can manage orders, shipping, and payments; it has a built-in marketing tool that can run campaigns on Facebook and Google. It takes care of everything from backups to updates. 

Pro-tip: You may subscribe on this platform with their available rates depending on your usage. It might be good to hire a Shopify expert to help you manage your online store using this very efficient eCommerce tool. 

Have you heard about JungleScout? Some online merchants swear on the efficiency of this platform. They say that this platform would be your best tool for selling on Amazon because it does your work from product research to product launching! So it's like building your business from scratch and making it big on Amazon! Sounds cool, right?

These fantastic tools have their Pros and Cons, and of course, they come with a premium that gets higher depending on the complexity of your needed online eCommerce service. It's best to exhaust all your options by studying each of these tools and checking how you can maximize their functions for your business.

Are there any available eCommerce tools?

Surprisingly, yes, there are FREE eCommerce tools available online. One example would be WooCommerce - a tool built for those who want to integrate eCommerce into their WordPress websites. It's very user-friendly and free, and open source! 

Another FREE eCommerce tool that will get you excited is called PrestaShop. It is said to have more or less the same features as Shopify minus the fee! How cool is that? 

Do you want to upgrade your store's eCommerce functionality for free? Check out this tool called OpenCart, a free tool that allows you to download free extensions and updates. 


Gone are the days of traditional methods in running online stores, especially now that competition is stiff. Online merchants need to step up by keeping abreast with the latest eCommerce and taking advantage of the tools that will help scale up their online presence. Keep in mind that automation is a significant factor in keeping your online store efficient and easy. With the number of tools to choose from, there will always be some platforms available that will suit your needs to scale up your online store and convert those online visitors into loyal customers.

Your business can benefit from an e-commerce marketing strategy that will help you take advantage of this opportunity and reach your goals. We have the expertise to plan for all stages in digital growth, including search engine optimization (SEO) techniques like keyword research or content development - whatever is most important right now! Get started by contacting ePropel so we may discuss how together I improve ROI while increasing conversions too!.

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