How to Build an Online Presence for Your Business

How to Build an Online Presence for Your Business

Newton Zheng

January 26, 2022

At this point in building your business, you must have already felt the importance of being "present" online. You already have your business cards printed, but do you think that's enough?

You could spend hours in front of the computer creating a website for yourself or paying someone to do it. You wouldn't want to commit that kind of time and money if not necessary. Good thing; some shortcuts will build your online presence without breaking the bank while enjoying the whole process.

Ways to build an online presence:

Practical ways to be “visible” online:

Make it a goal to have your business impossible to ignore online. Here are some tips that are worth exploring when building your presence online.

  1. Try to build an email list - There are several ways to do this, and one of the ways would be to create a gated content website that users must sign up for to receive. Additionally, you could use a call-to-action (CTA) on your site and social media pages to promote the email newsletter to collect leads' emails and show those who have subscribed are interested or invested enough with what it has offered.
  2. Develop and master your presence in social media - social media has become an essential tool for reaching your intended audience on whatever platforms they prefer. Three billion people worldwide are now using social networks, which means there's no shortage of potential customers!
  3. Learn and master SEO - search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential skill that will help to build your online presence. Algorithms change every day, which means you should revisit and update the information on this site for optimal results.
  4. Build a website - How can you expect to be successful without a website? Not only does it give the public access to information on your company, but it also lets potential customers know what you offer. When you're ready to start your website, register a domain name and purchase hosting where it can be installed. If this interests you, consider WordPress as their free blog site comes with plenty of features for beginners or those on tight budgets!
  5. Make relevant content - The best way to start building your business is by writing content that talks about what you do. If it's not something anyone can write, hire someone who will know-how, and they'll be able to use their skills in ways others may not think of on their own.
  6. Use and analyze your results - The first step to growing your business is analyzing the results of each strategy. I would suggest testing various metrics so you can learn what works best for generating leads and expanding online presence, like SEO or email lists building strategies that take time but offer long-term success in their fields.

In a nutshell, there are a lot of ways that you can build your online brand. Some will work for you, and some may not. What is important is consistency and patience. Whatever you do, make sure to keep at it! Those who have been successful in this space tend to be those who stick with what they know works best for them and their customers. If you need assistance in figuring out how to get started or improve your digital presence, reach out to us ePropel, and we will be happy to help you.

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