The Patience Battle for e-Commerce SEO: How the Game Is a Long Game

The Patience Battle for e-Commerce SEO: How the Game Is a Long Game

Newton Zheng

July 6, 2021

Of course, we all have heard the saying, “patience is a virtue.” Patience is hard. However, SEO and patience are a perfect combo in niche domination and crushing the desired results. This means that if you’re going to populate on the first page of Google and improve your organic results,  your persistence will differentiate you from others who cut corners. 

Take note: if being patient is not your strongest quality, you need to learn it if you want to ace SEO moving forward!

Real relationships lead to search engine success

The hard truth: establishing relationships with search engines takes time, and the period of waiting can become long and make you feel like nothing is happening. Results don’t happen overnight, and it takes months for results to take shape; however, SEO promises incredible results but only with consistent efforts and the right time investment.           

Great things come for those who wait

The facts are clear: good results mean maximum visibility and increased organic rankings. If you have set up your SEO strategies correctly (resisting the temptation to take shortcuts that may seem promising in optimization) will yield tremendous long-term benefits.

The bottom line:  Getting ahead in the competitive landscape and dominating your niche lies in adhering to SEO best practices and avoiding silly mistakes. Here are some insights about what can  you do to ensure that your e-commerce website is getting the traffic it deserves:

  • Plan your SEO strategies - set your annual plans for your SEO campaign - this includes the specific goals and milestones you want to reach. 

Set your priorities: list down the outcomes you are hoping to achieve from the campaign. 

  • Optimize your website - consider the keywords you want to target and inject them onto your web pages. Each page can rank for different search terms - so choose keywords people are most likely to use to find the information provided by that page.

Simple website optimization recipe: pick a single theme for your website to make it easier for search engines to classify your page and present it when it’s relevant to a search.

  • Build or regain lost value link - hard-earned links break and lose value over time. Incorporating this strategy in your SEO efforts will improve SEO results, authority and build your backlink profile without building brand-new links.
  • Perform competitive analysis - an obvious way to outsmart your competitors is to focus on where others are neglecting and allow your e-commerce store to rise naturally by applying SEO tactics and content creation.

Now we will talk about how important is SEO for e-commerce businesses, and is it worth the effort and time?

In a word, YES - given that gargantuan power contained when applying SEO strategies to grow your traffic in heaps. So, here are the reasons why SEO is worth the investment even if it takes ages for results to start kicking in:

  • Consumers perform product searches - there are millions of searches daily, and these are searchers who are really looking for your services/ products. Typically, they’ve reached the stage where they are ready to buy, know what they want to purchase, and are ready to pull out their credit cards anytime. 
  • Building authority takes time - this tactic needs a detailed long-term strategy. Once you have the authority and build your reputation as a brand expert, you have the perfect mix to drive success for your business.
  • Google crawling and indexing take a while - Google bots (the algorithm-equipped web-crawling robot) take time to get to know you, determine your website’s relevance, and get your website indexed.
  • Building relationships with your audience is not an overnight task - avoid limiting your potential reach by just writing for your website alone. Write a pitch email for a guest article and strive to be featured on their blogs and website.

Pro tip: tap into other people’s networks to grow yours.

  • Building a massive audience takes time - I understand if you complain about the slowness of the process. If you still capitalize on SEO regardless of the results speed and notice that your audience keeps coming back is a good sign - you deliver content with value. Keep going!
  • Beating your competitors takes time - sustaining a high level of SEO performance needs considerable time to work. You need time to monitor and study your competitors in the marketplace - why customers prefer their products over you and what makes your target leads tick.

The BIG takeaway:

The long game: SEO and dominating the marketplace is a gradual process. You can’t rush it - so build it slowly and then start to take off quickly. 

Stay committed: be more than willing to correct your missteps and wait for the results to build over time. As you keep implementing the SEO best practices - its strong and quality strategies on your website and digital properties, you will be in the BEST position to dominate in organic search eventually.



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