Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Newton Zheng

June 25, 2021

Let's face it: a lot goes into launching an e-commerce business, but the most difficult step in building a functional e-commerce store would be implementing SEO techniques and making it more scalable as your web visits, leads, and business grow. 

As expected, after you decide what products or services to sell, it's time to set up your e-Commerce store. When a website is fully launched and finally live, it's tempting to leave it to make sales and perform on autopilot. However, the real ROI comes when your site guides more potential leads towards conversion. 

So, there are effective ways to make your online store a customer-generating machine by driving organic traffic in this competitive digital world. 

Let's have a look at some essential points to ensure your e-commerce store is up to scratch! 

Here are some valuable insights to get you started:

Build off a solid website

E-commerce SEO Strategy

You couldn't get a high conversion rate if visitors will just come to stay at your website for seconds and then leave. Therefore, your site's staying rate is a very important SEO metric that should NOT be ignored.

Suppose the bounce rate or average time spent on your website is 15 seconds (as shown in Google Analytics). In that case, this indicates a poorly structured e-commerce store and usually suggests that something is broken or not working.

Keep your site running like a well-oiled machine: although e-commerce store maintenance may seem unimportant, it can impact your site's performance and user experience down the line. More importantly, creating a flawless online face is necessary if you want to convey to potential customers that you are serious about your business.

Actionable steps to stop leads from leaving your site:

  • Build an e-commerce store with a singularity of focus - give clear information about how you can help with clear instructions on the visitors' next steps.

       Distraction is an enemy to success: You should orchestrate your content to impress, inspire with a clear call to action, and an endpoint of motivating your audience to a sale.

  •  Tweak your web pages when necessary - spending time learning more about on-page SEO may seem like really something small and is not worth the time, but many e-commerce business owners have reported improvement after doing the page tweaks. 
  • Add relevant, informative, and valuable content regularly - nothing is more intimidating than reading to wade through a wall of information with thin, low-quality, lack of authority and trustworthiness, or in general, meaningless text to find what you came for.
  • Create your content in chunks - break up content in tiny and bite-sized pieces, so it is easier to read, understand and skim through without boring your audience. 
  • Improve user experience - avoid overloading your visitors with information. Design your website in a way that users can clearly see the navigation and links in the right places.

        Note: the right website design and content are the keys here.

  • Build a nice and simple website - choosing a clean and minimalistic approach to website design is the way to go. In fact, it is the website's current design trend. 
    Expert-level tip: Keep it simple - don't make it too overly complicated. Cluttered and disorganized sites will turn your prospects away and instantly destroy your business's reputation.

Think about it: you have customers ready to buy, but you lose them before they even arrive. Even worse is once they abandon your site, they are unlikely to return. 

Your battle plan: ideally, your website should be at a specific place to get off with a good start - because the first impression is everything. 

So let's get it on!

Drive traffic to your website

Best e-Commerce SEO company convert visitors to customers
Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Keep your WOW factor going: your website exists to help achieve your business goals. However, if your eCommerce store fails to impress or inspire visitors, they'll bounce and leave your site; even worse, they will check out your competitors' business.

Key points to remember: your website is the front door of your brand. If a slow and very old-schooled website is holding your conversion potential back, then take the necessary steps to make it reinviting. Do it right and leave no single stone unturned in designing your fool-proof content marketing strategies.

The idea is simple: you have a specific goal for each customer that comes to your website. Depending on your business type and the e-Commerce website you set up, the ultimate goal should be to win your visitor's attention and increase your closed lead percentage - and you need to do this ASAP.

As your website gets more conversions by implementing conversion-focused strategies and keeping it more appealing and attractive, you address the root cause of a startlingly high bounce rate and prevent more people from abandoning your site. 

Add value to users

As technology advances, search engines rolled out algorithmic updates which impacted marketing products and services online. Over the years, many of us think that SEO is about Google and perhaps Bing as well. 

Of course, this can be true - as time passed, many businesses bid goodbye to the traditional form of marketing after their success in selling more products and services through utilizing different online marketing channels. 

The little digital technologies' way of marketing became successful way beyond their expectations. As a result, tables have truly turned - today, SEO is more focused on driving traffic to your website and converting them into regular subscribers. As sad as it is to think about, traditional forms of advertising are now becoming obsolete and often viewed as outdated and irrelevant.

This is why SEO and content correlate together and why content marketing is still the best strategy to increase ROI and achieve natural business growth.

Build trust: Content is the reason why users visit your website. If your website content answers their queries, quality, and highly relevant, it drives more searchers and eventually leads to more conversions. 

Sounds good? 👍👍👍

Efforts are paid off: your content helps your prospects to discover you, plus they will stay and navigate around your site to check out other content you may have. So, there is no reason not to invest in a solid marketing strategy.

Run a tight ship on your website: Craft content that conveys your expertise. You should know that the audience wants a competent and outright expert in the field for them to listen truly and read the entire article - this goes beyond mere putting your content in front of your target audience. 

Action step: set your tone, voice and then communicate your message boldly with the changing seasons.

Take care of the following e-commerce store fundamentals to attract a stream of website eyeballs:

  • Avoid spammy content and videos - create more informative content that resonates with your audience and exceeds their expectations. 
  • Make your website more mobile-friendly - develop and optimize your site for mobile users. 

         What you need to do:  make sure it functions and responds well on mobile devices - mobile incompatibility kills your traffic. 

  • Your content should educate and give information - don't just create a huge meaningless wall of text on your website - provide them with something that answers their questions and solves issues.
  • Write something that educates, connects your audience, and keeps your visitors engaged in your business. Let them feel that you understand their problems and you are there to help.
  • Understand your prospects - consider your audience when creating your content, know their buying behavior and speak to the mindset of your target market.

Right words at the right time go a long way - let’s apply this insight to our lead conversion efforts:

  1. Find ways to inspire your readers as they arrive at your website.
  2. Stick with simpler and emotionally charged language with a brand voice that resonates with them.
  3. Make it more customer-focused - focusing on how you can help and add value. 

Turn your website content into an audience-luring siren song: Although a solid content marketing strategy is a daunting task and involves many factors to realize your e-Commerce SEO dreams. Still, they are all worth it in the long run. 

Grow your email list

Organically Grow Your Email List

Aside from your website or e-commerce store, your email list is your valuable and responsive asset in growing your business. Imagine you are compiling a list of people who are looking forward to hearing from you and your brand on a regular basis. 

Email is the most effective sales channel there is: they allow you direct access to their inboxes, and these people give you permission to email them. 

So, take advantage of this platform to build trust, send out valuable content, double your contact list and keep your leads warm. If this is done consistently and correctly, you will lower your bounce rates resulting in more extended site visits and high customer satisfaction.

Keep customers coming back to your website: turn your visitors into brand ambassadors and repeat customers - they're the type of clients who are very loyal and would patronize your business in terms of products and services - and even better, they will sing your praises to others!

Optimize your website 

Discover the lowest hanging fruit for your business: here are the steps on how to start on-page SEO on your website: 

  • Find the simplest SEO tasks to do - tackle them first.
  • Sort out what's working and what isn't.
  • Continue optimizing from there. 

No silver bullet in SEO: doing the easy things and hoping difficult tasks will fix themselves - this type of methodology and SEO mindset works in the short-term but in the long-term will assuredly fail.

Sadly, as Google matures and updates its algorithms, the silver bullet SEO is becoming rarer and ineffective. But there are SEO tactics that are easy to implement and offer the highest ROI results. Once these strategies are properly executed, they can significantly impact your organic traffic. 

Here are some of the easiest SEO for eCommerce strategies that harvest tons of organic traffic if done correctly:

  • Update your URL structure - keywords in the link are believed to be a ranking factor. URLs are also a powerful tool to achieve SEO success - so don't overlook this opportunity.
  • Remove website pages that are no longer serving your business - prune your content when necessary and take away pages that are irrelevant and get little to no traffic at all.
  • Improve your page speed - this matters because it affects the user experience. According to surveys, people are susceptible to page load speed, causing them to leave your website. 

        Heads up: certainly, they will become a lost customer, and getting them back to fold is MORE difficult than catching their attention and meeting their needs the moment they land on your website for the first time.

  • Get backlinks to your website - tap existing relationships to get high-quality inbound links. 

        Pro tip: Reverse engineer your competitors' websites to uncover link-building opportunities.


Now, you have everything you need to design a conversion-focused website and attract more customers. Then let's move to the next step that is important in driving more business - implementation.

Do all the necessary upgrades, optimizations, recreations, and changes at your own speed. Watch out for opportunities to constantly improve and rebuild a better website, faster, fresher, goal-focused, and customer-helping! 

So if you already set these tips in stone and implemented necessary changes, you are now ready to get those customers! If you need an e-Commerce SEO agency for your search engine optimization needs, we are here to help you realize your SEO and ROI dreams!

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