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Today, many cannabis sectors are propped up by their overall growth and have been deemed an essential service. As of yet, there is a noticeable increase in the consumer’s consumption of cannabis which is good news to investors and startups. Both recreational and medicinal cannabis sectors are growing at a compound rate, especially with COVID-19 - the customers reach out to cannabis to treat mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

in a nutshell

Marijuana SEO organic growth strategies for cannabis business

Before diving into so much detail about growing your own CBD business, here’s a quick overview of cannabis and some general information to loop you in.

Cannabidiol, often known as CBD, is one of the most famous compounds and ingredients extracted from flowering tops, leaves, and resins of the cannabis plant, namely hemp and marijuana.

Coming from a wide-ranging variety of compounds called cannabinoids, CBD is found in abundance in the cannabis plant. Among the most prevalent compounds, THC ranked first, while CBD comes behind it.

THC has a psychoactive effect delivering a “high” or “stoned” feeling and is abundant in recreational cannabis products. In contrast, CBD doesn’t affect the mind but offers more positive health benefits - perfect for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and a lot more when consumed.

Let’s cut to the chase - the marijuana plant is a good THC source and contains a considerable amount of cannabidiol.

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Cannabis industry: recent changes and future innovations 🚀🚀

seo for cbd companies future-proof your brand to generate ROI

With the improvement in the laws surrounding cannabis, there is nowhere for it to go other than up.
As expected, the recent cannabis legalization
in most countries in North America
causes an increase in demand and use of marijuana.
According to research, the Cannabis industry will skyrocket in sales and is anticipated to reach USD 73.6 billion annual market value by the end of 2027. 

Perhaps predictably, marijuana industries experience explosive growth projections motivating many aspiring entrepreneurs to test waters and discover the best way to get their marijuana-related business off the ground. As an action point, amateur business owners investigate whether they have a promising edge in creating their own Cannabis business before they jump onto the CBD investing bandwagon. 

Thus, as many entrepreneurs enter the marijuana market, the competition is getting steeper, which will harm your business down the line.

💰💰 Know your business potential 💰💰

So, are you ready to learn the ropes of climbing up the Google rankings amidst its new enforcement restrictions under the law? Let’s go! 🏃🏃

Navigate around the minefield
of the Cannabis market

Cannabis SEO digital marketing to increase search rankings

The good thing about the cannabis industry is that it is a highly scalable business. Although the cannabis industry is now a new economy boon, it also exposes the challenges business owners face - needless to say, growing a highly regulated drug is not an easy feat.

It should come as no surprise that with the rise of cannabis use and its consumer demands, CBD companies have mushroomed overnight. To smoke out your antagonists, you need to have a proven SEO strategy tailored for marijuana-related businesses; otherwise, you are putting in so much effort, but the return is very low.

Cannabis advertising was banned in different media forms

Effective marijuana marketing tactics to grow your cannabis business.

Some states prohibit advertisements of marijuana on billboards, radio, TV, and other media. If marketed online, it must be accompanied by an age-verification tool
to prevent minors from interacting
with your website.

If you are frustrated by the strict digital advertising regulations around the marijuana industry, get it off your chest - we hear you! Nevertheless, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Our value-added Marijuana SEO strategy emerged as a knight in shining armor for your cannabis business. You heard it right -
our fool-proof SEO system is designed for cannabis websites banned for paid ads.

Partner with us, and we’ll future-proof your cannabis content, bulletproof your SEO strategies, and surefire your visibility and inbound sales. Sounds good? With this clarity and laser-focused Marijuana SEO marketing goal, you will gain traction in the business regardless of the strict regulations on advertising cannabis. 

No experience in leveraging an SEO marketing campaign? Don’t worry - we’ve got your back! 

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Marijuana SEO: deep dive into exceptional SEO strategies
that accommodate the needs
of the Cannabis marketplace

Cannabis marketing SEO best practices for CBD companies

Big thanks to the consumer’s recent acceptance of CBD and its research-backed health benefits, the cannabis market is rapidly growing at an exponential rate. Gone are the days when cannabis use is stigmatized and influenced by the public’s negative opinion. While there is an increasing number of solid supporters of cannabis legalization due to marijuana’s perceived health benefits, many opponents are also rallying against its social use, so it wasn’t all smooth sailing. 

There is no denying that in the last centuries, several countries outlawed the use of marijuana. To cite an example, a few years ago, Canada became the second country to legalize the use of cannabis - this is considered a significant moment in the history of the marijuana business. Since then, big strides were experienced in the cannabis industry, as more and more countries worldwide follow the legalization suit in the subsequent years.

Here are some insights
why bullish
on Marijuana SEO: 👇👇👇

Understand your cannabis gold mine through a detailed exploration
and selection of cannabis keywords ✍️

As recreational and medicinal cannabis businesses expand worldwide, so does the level of competition. Come to think of it, more than 80% of the consumers conduct a thorough search in Google before they buy a product. 

To make your products visible to your ideal customers, you need to select the keywords carefully to land your business in the search results and, ultimately, reach the most coveted place on the first page of Google.

Unmatched technical website SEO practices 🔗🔗🔗

Before implementing any on-page and off-page SEO, it is important to optimize your server and website’s overall functionality so search engine spiders crawl and index your website more efficiently.

Robust link building strategies 💪💪

Adding content to your website is not a be-all-and-end-all - you need to get more eyeballs to your website. Although getting more attention is a tough endeavor, our proven top-of-the-line backlinking strategies will help you get quality sites to link to boost your authority, establish trust with potential customers, and improve your search rankings.

Insightful site audit:
deep dive into the current status
and generate actionable steps 🏃

Generating a site audit is not a one-time act - it is a repetitive process. Conducting an extensive site review will give you an overview of your website’s general health as a whole. No matter how well you do in optimizing your website, there are discrepancies behind the scenes; your site will perform below par. With regular site audit checks, you can ensure that your site pages perform at their best and your website as a whole is in its pink of health.

Impeccable cannabis on-page SEO strategy 🖥️

Give your business the attention it deserves. On-page SEO raises the bar of your website’s visibility within search engines. If your website is optimized correctly, users can quickly access and search your site whenever they need relevant information or contemplate buying products and services like yours.

Keep an eye on your competitors and analyze the competition 👀 👀

Our competitive analysis strategy will give you an idea about what your opponents are offering and their SEO strategies like keywords they ranked for, backlinks, high-performing articles, and so much more. By understanding your competitors well, you will get the hang of how to outrank them through redeveloping new marketing strategies and campaigns to make your business stand out.

Nuggets of wisdom: never underestimate your opponents. Ignoring your competitors will definitely cost you your business - always strive to get a handle on your business’s competitors, and you will come out ahead.

Optimize your cannabis products ☘️☘️

Visitors to your website will likely look through your products and services, and if they find them appealing, boom, you earned a sale - that’s where optimizing your marijuana products comes into play. 

Ensure that your content is marijuana-related and represents other relevant marijuana search terms. This strategy directs curious and ready-to-buy users to your website pages when they look for cannabis-related information and products available online.

Your site needs to be mobile responsive 📱

Most users have smartphones and became increasingly reliant on their mobiles in searching for information online. A speedy, responsive, and mobile-friendly site is crucial to the level of their user experience - a positive user experience brings in more site visitors, increases conversions, and ultimately increases your online revenue.

In summary, here’s what you can do to make your audience fall in love
with your products or services instantly:

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Increase local awareness
of your marijuana dispensary

With all the competition going on,
how can you stand out from the pack?

cannabis seo strategies to drive traffic to dispensaries

No sweat - local SEO will get you noticed by
your target audience in close proximity to your dispensary. If you primed your cannabis website
to rank locally, interested buyers will find you and ultimately visit your location.

✍️ Leverage your cannabis content

Your cannabis content is king. There is no point in setting up a website without content - such a waste of time and money.

As the cannabis market is getting crowded, here are keys to creating high-performance marijuana content online:

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With all things considered, it seems reasonable to assume that Cannabis companies experienced a huge boom because they applied cannabis SEO strategies into their domain, and without marijuana SEO strategies, showing up in this emerging industry is close to impossible.

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And over the years, we’ve helped several clients boost their SEO traffic using our devised marijuana SEO tactics. We couldn’t be more proud of our team, and we are thankful for the clients that have put their faith in us. When we succeed in making our clients more profitable, we take time to celebrate their success. Speaking of client wins, our previous Cannabis customer experienced phenomenal growth of 41,000 Google maps views in the last 28 days - this goes to show the quality of work we do behind the scenes. 

cannabis seo agency get ahead with your competitors

That said, in combination with our top-level industry expertise
and digital marketing experience,
ePropel offers practical strategies to leverage growth
for your cannabis and marijuana-related business.
ePropel’s SEO game-changer approach conquers the challenges
of Google’s strict algorithms
and updates to ensure you are on top of the game.

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